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Test your tennis shots against our cutting-edge tennis ball machine! The ball machine has enough settings to make it seem like you are playing against a top class player! Our ball machine is extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere on the court to practice any shot type at varying speeds, frequencies, and levels of elevation.​


This is an excellent training tool and helps you to work on your tennis strokes, technique and gain the necessary practice to improve.​It features ball speeds of up to 45mph with topspin, slice, ball height adjustment and has a convenient remote control.You’ll be able to practice your forehand and backhand, challenge your footwork and reaction time, it even comes with Ball Boy mode and much, much more.​


We’ll give you a bucket of balls, a ball collector and you can also hire a racket from us if you need one.​The ball machine is £30/hour (doesn’t include court fee), book your court today and start playing!


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