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Adult Group Tennis Courses 

LKTA is excited to begin offering adult, small group (4-6 people) courses for our clients this year! We are so looking forward to launching:  

  • Adult Group Sessions: What better way to practice your skills while getting interaction with others?  Starting Oct, 2023

    • Tuesday, 11AM-12 PM (beginner/intermediate) 

    • Thursday, 10-11 AM (beginner/intermediate)

                  * If less than 4 people signed up, the session will be cancelled

  • Baskets and Bootcamp: Tennis x Training is an exciting new offering coming this spring, 2022!

    • Our bootcamp offering will be an intense session split between tennis drills and circuit training - providing a total-body, cardiovascular workout for those players looking to complement their tennis training with conditioning to get in their best shape. 

    • Open to all levels; Expect HIIT, weight training exercises, tennis technique-focused drills, cardio tennis, agility exercises, and a lot of running ... :) 

    • Will be jointly-led by Coach Liam and our Conditioning trainer, Zola!

    • Fridays at Lunchtime, 12-1PM

Learn more about our new group offerings:

Contact us today to register your interest and sign-up!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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